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Private Property Parking Regulations

Private property parking is regulated by a few different codes. 19.679 regulates the parking of motor vehicles that are stored outdoors at any residential dwelling. These regulations are as follows:

  • No more than four vehicles.
  • Must be roadworthy and licensed.
  • Stored on a driveway or hard surfaced area.
  • Inoperative and/or unlicensed vehicles must be in a fully enclosed building. City Ordinance 17.04 states that any nuisance vehicle is defined as any abandoned, inoperable, unlicensed, unroadworthy, disassembled or wrecked vehicle. Also, “abandoned vehicle” means a vehicle left unattended without the permission of the property owner on which the unit is situated. This code goes onto state that repair work must be performed inside a garage or enclosed structure that may take more than 3 days. City Ordinance 17.05 states the City of Wisconsin Dells does have the authority to tow nuisance vehicles on private property at the cost and expense of the owner after notifying the owner of the nuisance vehicle and provide 10 full calendar days to repair, assemble, make the vehicle operable and roadworthy and license any vehicle which may not be licensed or place the vehicle in a garage or enclosed structure.
  • City Ordinance 19.677 regulates the parking/storage of recreational vehicles within the City of Wisconsin Dells. A recreational vehicle is defined as a utility trailer, or any other motorized or nonmotorized vehicle, other than passenger vehicles and trucks, primarily manufactured for the expressed purpose of providing recreational activities, including but not limited to motor homes, trucks with camper shells, and unmounted camper shells, camper and travel trailers, horse trailers, all-terrain vehicles, boats, jet skis, snowmobiles, ice shanties and any trailer used to transport recreational vehicles. Recreation Vehicle parking regulations are as followed:
    • May be parked in a fully enclosed structure
    • Parked on a street no longer than 48 hours, no recreational use allowed.
    • On a rear or side lot, not within 5 feet of a side or rear lot line, on a well-kept hard surfaced area. Hard surfaced area is defined as concrete, asphalt, or gravel or similar aggregate materials. Recreational vehicles may not be stored on any public street or alley including all public right-of-way and established set-backs. Other restrictions are listed below:
  • Any recreational vehicle parked or stored outdoors shall be owned, or leased or with permission by the occupant of the premises where stored; and, shall be licensed, if required, and roadworthy.
  • No more than two such recreational vehicles shall be parked or stored outdoors on each lot. A vehicle on a trailer shall be considered one vehicle.
  • Recreational vehicles shall not be:
    • Used for dwelling purposes; except for guests/residents not exceeding 5 days per calendar month.
    • Used for storage of goods, materials or equipment.
    • Used for any business purposes.