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Parking Utility

The Parking Utility is responsible for the operation of the downtown parking system composed of street and lot meters and parking lots. The Parking Utility is authorized to establish loading zones in this area. Property acquired and money borrowed for Utility can only be accomplished by City Council even though utility funds may be used for these purposes. The Utility hires a meter collector and hires maintenance work from the Street Department.

Smart Park: The City’s Smart Park system, powered by Passport Parking, allows visitors to rent parking stalls by utilizing an app on their smart phone. This app provides the flexibility to add parking time without returning to the stall or kiosk. Many lots and on street parking utilize this system. Look for signage and labels on existing parking meters. Click here for more information.

On-Street Parking: All on-street parking stalls have a max of four (4) hours. Payments made by kiosk or in the Passport Parking App for "all day parking" will only be charged for 4 hours of paid parking for a total of $6.60. (Credit card fee included.) 

Kiosks: Parking Kiosks are located throughout the city. If your stall has a parking number sign (rather than a meter) or a meter with a “Smart Park” decal, you may utilize a parking kiosk. Time may be added by visiting any kiosk in the City.
                                                           Additional credit card fees may apply to kiosks and mobile app payments.

Parking Meters:  Many stalls still utilize the conventional parking meter. Coins are used and the mechanism displays the expiration time. Some of the meters also display decals and work with the Smart Park system.

Parking Rates        
Electric Vehicle Charging   $10.00 Minimum Charge (3 Hours)   2024
  $3.00  Each Additional Hour    
Parking Meter Rates - Daily  $10.00

April 1 - Sept 30

7.03(9) 2024
Parking Meter Rates - Hourly  $1.50 9am-10pm
April 1 - Sept 30
7.03(9) 2024
Parking Pass - Lots 3 & 7 Only  $15.00 Proof of SDWD Residency or Downtown employment required.   2023
SDWD Residents & Downtown Employees          
Parking Pass Lots 2, 3, 7 & 8  $200.00 Annually - some restrictions   2024
Parking Permit - Construction Site  $30.00 Per Site Plus parking fees 10.22(19) 2023



Meter/Kiosk Malfunctions

If a parking meter is not operating correctly, you must notify the Police Department at the time you first park and discover the malfunction.  If you already loaded money into the meter, you may remain parked for the duration of the meter allowance. Please call (608)253-1611 and be prepared to provide the specific location, a description of the issue, and your license plate number. The Police Department will send a parking technician to check the meter/kiosk, if a malfunction is noted, any citation issued to you will be voided. Citations issued as a result of an unreported malfunction cannot be voided.