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Bartender Licenses

Any person 18 or older who is selling or serving alcohol beverages within the City of Wisconsin Dells must obtain an operator's (bartender's) license, unless the person is:

  • The individual (not LLC or Corporation) who holds a liquor license, their spouse, and any adult children or parents if they reside with the license holder.
  • The agent of a liquor license held by a LLC or Corporation.  
  • Anyone under the immediate supervision of an individual (not LLC or Corporation) that holds liquor license, the agent of a license, or a licensed bartender.  "Immediate supervision" means they must be able to see the activities and transactions of those without a license at all times.  It is not enough for the person supervising to merely be on the premises.

In order to obtain a license you must provide a Beverage Server Training Certificate or proof  that you have held an Operators License within the last 2 years. 
The current licensing period for Bartender/Operator Licenses runs  July 1, 2022- June 30, 2024.
Fee is $60 but is reduced to $30 if applying for a license within 6 months of the licensing period ending.

For more information contact:
City Clerk/Treasurer at call (608)254-2012.
Click Here for the Application for a Bartender's License. Related information can be found under the License section of this website.